How to choose your car

How to choose your car?

No matter what you might be thinking about affordability of various cars in this country, buying one should always be preceded by an in-depth analysis. After all, what you are spending on it is not necessarily your payment for half a week, right? And even if it were, you would not probably be wasting your time reading such advice columns. Continue reading

Seat showrooms

Seat showrooms – part 2

I have already described to you MII model from Seat car showroom and I did not change my mind about this. Right now I would like to focus on the models that I have told you in the previous text. It is Seat Alhambra and Seat Toledo that I am interested in so stay cool and wait. Right now I want to tell you about my talk with a mechanic in Barcelona, because it is very interesting. Continue reading

Seat showrooms

Seat showrooms

I have already spend few perfect days in Barcelona and I really started to love this city. It is so beautiful here that I can even stay in this city forever. Of course I will not stay here right now as I have quite a good job in my motherland, girlfriend and so on. I have noticed also many Seat cars on the streets of the city that I am in. I think it can be a great opportunity to visit one of their car showroom to see if they cars are reliable and if we should ask Seat company to come to the USA and sell their cars here. If I do not do this right now I will not be able to do it probably never. Continue reading

Peugeot showrooms

Peugeot showrooms – part 2

I have already been in Citroen and Renault car showrooms and I have seen almost all model that are available right now, but not only. I have also seen few future model that will be available in few months’ time for every customer in Europe where people have completely different needs that we in the USA do. I was completely wrong about cars that are produced in Europe, I thought they do not have anything that might interested an American customer. I had no idea how much wrong I was for few years. Continue reading

Peugeot showrooms

Peugeot showrooms

Peugeot is very popular among young people, especially those people that do not earn a lot but they still want a new car. It is obvious as we can have a new car for only 12 000$, it would not the car from dreams but it will be still useful and every young person my use it to get a better job, visit parents, girlfriend and so on. I have read also some complains about it because it is said that after 6  years those cars started to be a pain in the ass and still need repair. I do not know if this is true, but I do not think that a solid company would sell a car that after 6 years’ time will need so many repairs. Probably someone would have to use this car in not appropriate way. Continue reading

Renault showrooms

Renault showrooms – part 2

I have started to be interested in SUV cars since I have been once in Mercedes car showroom and while being there I noticed such beautiful cars than next while visiting Porsche car showroom I have check the specification of a SUV that would be appropriate for me. This is the reason why I wanted to check how SUVs look in Europe and how much would I have to pay for one of them. Of course I didn’t want to buy any because I am not interesting in paying for transport to the USA. Continue reading

Citroen car showroom

Citroën cars from an American point of view

French cars are considered to be the best option for people from the middle-class from west-European society. They’re not very expensive (the German ones are!) but also reliable so many people have no choice, they have to buy a car from Citroën car showroom. Of course not only middle class buy their cars but also many companies that are looking for cars for theirs for example sales representatives. Continue reading